Agenda announced for our US Conference 2017 in Boston

We are pleased to announce the outline agenda for our 2017 US Conference , “Lab of the Future”. If you’d like to attend, please register now! The conference is being held at the Hilton Boston Back Bay. A hotel room block has been made available for the benefit of delegates.

The distinction between the research laboratory, clinic, ambulatory care and the hospital is diminishing as technology blurs the boundaries. Major advances are being seen in:

  • Automation
  • Connectivity
  • Machine learning
  • Augmented reality
  • Quantum computing
  • Blockchain

The loop is being closed between clinical outcomes data and research data. Scientific advances delivering lab-on-a-chip and even human-on-a-chip bring research infrastructure closer to the patient with far quicker turnaround times. We envisage fundamental changes in how we leverage our learnings from real life data into discovery and development, and see an increase need for collaboration between all parties involved, from:

  • Pharma companies to payers
  • CROs to technology vendors
  • Regulators to Pharma companies
  • Academics to publishers

It is vital to stay ahead of the rapid advances in all technologies, from machine learning to mobile health, and to derive the greatest benefit from them.The patient  is becoming the very centre of future R&D and will require us to wrestle not only with technical issues, but with issues like data ownership, scalability and ethics, as precision medicine becomes the norm.

The Pistoia Alliance US Conference 2017 will offer delegates an opportunity to debate the convergence that is already taking place across the pharma and life science R&D value chain, and identify key areas where the Pistoia Alliance, already a thought leader in many of these areas, can set up collaborative projects that will make a real difference to research.

Here is the outline agenda for Tuesday 10th October – open to members and invited guests only:

  • 7.30 Registration and Coffee
  • 8.25 Chairman’s opening remarks
    • Zahid Tharia, Pistoia Alliance
  • 8.30 President’s Opening Address
    • Dr Steve Arlington, President, Pistoia Alliance
  • 8.50 Keynote Address: People and their data – creating new relationships? (working title)
    • Kevin Dean, Lead Advisor, Smart Health Sciences,
    • Member of the Advisory Board, Pistoia Alliance
  • 9.35 Pistoia Alliance Portfolio update
    • Carmen Nitsche, Pistoia Alliance
  • 9.55 Keynote Address:
    • Michael Shanler, Research VP, Gartner
  • 10.30 Coffee (Sponsored by ACD Labs)
  • 11.00  Panel Discussion: What does the “Lab of the Future” look like and how do we get there?
    • Alastair Binnie, VP R&D IT, Bristol-Myers Squibb
    • Michael J McManus, Sr. Health & Life Sciences Solution Architect, Intel
  • 12.15 Lunch and Poster viewing
  • 13.15 Breakout Sessions
    • Breakout One: Future technologies including IoT
    • Breakout Two: Blockchain
    • Breakout Three: Cognitive Computing / Deep Learning / Natural Language Processing / Artificial Intelligence
    • Break out Four: Innovative cloud-based services
  • 14.45 Coffee
  • 15.15 Breakout Session coordinators report back
  • 15.45 Keynote: Designing the Lab of the Future (working title)
    • Elizabeth Van Derbeck, Senior Vice President, HOK
  • 16.15 President’s Challenge – Finalists’ value proposition pitches
  • 17.15 President’s closing remarks and the award of the Poster Prize
  • 17.30 Networking Reception

If you haven’t already registered for our US conference then please register now!

Please note that the conference is open only to Pistoia Alliance members and invited special guests. Non-members will be admitted only if space remains.

Extra information for Pistoia Alliance board members only

  • Pre-conference workshop: Monday 9th October, time and venue TBC
  • Board and Ops Dinner: Monday 9th October, time and venue TBC
  • Board Meeting: Monday 9th October, 11am-2pm, Hilton Boston Back Bay
  • Innovation Committee Meeting: Wednesday 11th October, time TBC, Hilton Boston Back Bay
  • Investment Committee Meeting: Wednesday 11th October, time TBC, Hilton Boston Back Bay
  • Ops Meeting:Wednesday 11th October, 8am-10am, Hilton Boston Back Bay
  • Advisory Board Meeting: Wednesday 11th October, 10am-4pm, Hilton Boston Back Bay
  • Advisory Board Dinner: Wednesday 11th October, time and venue TBC

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