Can enterprise IT keep up?

In the consumer world there are many examples of how technologies such as Uber, mobile banking, mobile airline check-in and Facebook enable people to seamlessly perform everyday tasks. Each of these activities once required making phone calls, printing documentation or moving data from one device to another – now all is available in a few swipes of a mobile phone. In Silicon Valley it is common for software designers to discuss how they can delight their users, with user centric design is at the core of the new start-ups.

Bigger on the Inside than the Outside

While making my way to a recent Pistoia Alliance networking event I bumped into a colleague from one of our member organisations. She asked me where I was going. On hearing where I was headed, she mentioned that she had heard about this event but she did not think she was entitled to attend, since she was aware that her company was a member of the Pistoia Alliance but she personally was not.

Synergy between Allotrope’s taxonomies & Pistoia Alliance’s Ontologies Mapping work

What’s in a ‘word’, or a collection of them? The answer depends on how much you invest in that collection of words. Standardizing the vocabularies and knowledge collections of experimental data and biomedical concepts has emerged as an important and fundamental activity to allow our industry to fully leverage data and extract the greatest value from it.

HELM attracting attention at Bio-IT World 2015

Having won the 2014 Best Practice Award at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo, HELM again attracted plenty of attention at this year’s meeting (Boston, April 21-23 2015). Numerous contributions gave an overview of the growing HELM ecosystem and its adoption by the pharmaceutical industry.

Knowledge Tools Are Coming Of Age

From the behemoth of IBM's Watson engine and its recent introduction to oncology decision support, to various search & text mining tools, all of these approaches will depend on rules on the definition of entities and the descriptive vocabularies and/or ontologies that are used.

Help us map the landscape of alliances

The landscape of alliances, foundations, partnerships and consortia in the life sciences world is complex, with many organisations existing that may overlap in their aims or share a significant proportion of their membership. Understanding our place in this complex web of connections is essential for cost-effective and productive life science research.