Laboratory Data Knowledge Management Report: What You Need to Know

This report examines the key trends in laboratory data knowledge management as well as the challenges and solutions shaping the future of the laboratory informatics landscape. Included is a survey that gathered the responses of stakeholders from around the world asking for insight on some of their known concerns and difficulties as well as key criteria for vendor selection.

US Conference Panel Topics Confirmed

Our 2016 US Conference is coming along nicely with 95% of the agenda confirmed and a healthy 60% of available tickets already taken. Tickets are still available via the waitlist. We have released an event app to allow you to explore the venue, the agenda, and much more!

The Chemical Safety Library project announces RFP to build a hazardous reaction database

The Chemical Safety Library project (CSL) is pleased to release an RFP to build a prototype tool that will be used to enter new hazardous reaction information, store it and enable simple searching on the data held. The vision for the tool, being to make previously unaccessible hazardous reaction information available to the right people at the right time.