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    1. Claire, Matthias and Tianhong
      Although equinix are not qualified to help with the actual science we have a growing Health IT ecosystem around the world with CRO’s Life Science and Health Information Exchanges growing within our datacentres worldwide.

      Some are connected to our Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX) to push private workloads into multiple cloud environments securely, and others who also advertise as a private cloud in using the API.

      So we would like to help in offering our ECX to your partner(s) to connect using the API. Slides 4/5/6 go into more detail on how the API can be made available privately in a L2 VLAN environment, but also L3 and as an As A Service (aas) model.

      Some of your members are already in discussion with us on this theme and so the API part is a turnkey solution – not a 6 month development.

      Happy to discuss is this is useful to the Pistoia Alliance and its members.

      Best regards


      Tim Carter
      Health Information Technology

      EQUINIX | 80 Cheapside, London, EC2V 6EE, United Kingdom
      E tim.carter@eu.equinix.com | T +44 (0)1753 505 045| M +44 (0)7881312951

      Speak with Equinix at the 13th Annual IT Pharmaceutical Congress : http://eqix.it/1Htdn0A http://www.pharmatechnology-summit.com/forthcoming-events-2/

      RFP published: HELM Ambiguity and Web-services
      Posted on July 28, 2015 by Claire Bellamy
      The HELM (Hierarchical Editing Language for Macromolecules) 2.0 project has published an RFP that aims to implement a number of enhancements to the current HELM definition and open source codebase in order to:
      1. Enable the support of structural ambiguity (e.g. bioconjugates with ambiguous or unknown attachment point between drug and antibody).
      2. Re-architect the toolkit source code into a more modular, API-based structure that will facilitate more service-based applications and the removal of third party dependencies.
      The RFP documentation is in three parts, all of which may be downloaded as PDF files via the links below:
      1. Pistoia Alliance Ambiguous HELM RFP
      2. Ambiguous HELM Requirements Specification
      3. Ambiguous HELM Line Notation Design
      Confirmation of intent to participate must be received at the email address specified in clause 3.3.4 of the RFP by 10am GMTon Monday 10th August.

    2. Thank you for hosting me today in this great webinar! It was a pleasure to give a small glimpse of the potentials of Smart Glasses, Smart Devices and integrated digitized laboratory processes. The future of the laboratory will be within wearable digital assistant systems, data driven and integrated processes and interconnected laboratory equipment.

    3. Hello Morning,

      Re: HELMS invoking via Biovia Draw 2016

      Am currently facing an issue invoking HELMS via Biovia Draw 2016 withing the firewall network. Any feedback to what can be done to help resolve?


    4. Hello,

      We are members of MassBio and saw this event in their events listing. I have a colleague who may be interested in attending. Would you please provide registration information? The link did not go to a page with any registration information.

      Thank you!
      Victoria Farley

    5. I am a physician and recent graduate of Sloan MIT School of Management. I have an interest in platform development for the application of Blockchain management of Electronic Health Records. Who do you suggest that I contact and how might I become a member of your Alliance?

      • Hello Lawrence,

        Apologies for the slow reply, we’ve just had some personnel change and I’ve just picked up the website.

        In the first instance, please have a look at our website, the join request form can be found here:
        It is free to join as an individual.

        In terms of blockchain, have a look at our recent webinar on blockchain
        Scroll down to find the video of the webinar

        We are just investigating this space to look to start a new project for our members to collaborate on, so subscribe to our newsletter and also join the Pistoia Alliance linkedin group.Watch out for the announcement of a Blockchain Community of Interest (not guaranteed, but I’d expect one to be created in the next few months)

        If you have more detailed questions, you can mail me at david.proudlock@pistoiaalliance.org