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Evotec adopts CSCS solution

ChemAxon, a Pistoia Alliance member, has today announced a deal that will see its CSCS-based solution, Compliance Checker, deployed at …

The Controlled Substance Challenge

Legislation exists at local, national and international levels to restrict the production, import/export, supply, use and possession of certain substances.

Not all of the regulation is easy to decipher and there are key differences between territories. The CSCS expert community exists to jointly work on areas of uncertainty, drawing on expertise from across the industry to reach consensus.

The CSCS Expert Community holds monthly discussions where we look at the most pressing issues raised by our members and subgroups look at interpreting legislation in new territories and investigating new types of legislation.


Currently the following companies are involved in the community:

Join the CSCS Expert Community

There are quite a few ways to participate in the CSCS Expert community, Participating in discussions, raising awareness of the issues are incredibly valuable forms of participation. We also need people who can help us publicise what we are doing. Please get involved – we would love to hear from you!

Access Community Materials

The CSCS Expert Community maintains a selection of discussions, documents, analysis and supporting information that are available only to members of the group. The material is gathered on our wiki.


The Pistoia Alliance Controlled Substance Compliance (CSCS) Project began in November 2012 with the aim of Establishing a high-quality, controlled substance information service, which would provide common interpretation of legislation in all key geographies.

Key Deliverables

  • An Expert System combined with a Controlled Substance Knowledgebase to determine if a substance is controlled
  • Searchable by: Chemical Structures, Chemical / Common Names, Common Substance Identifiers
  • Legal Status (Global, Regional, Country, Intra-Country State/Regional legislation)
  • Installed on customer’s IT infrastructure
  • Legislation Scheduling Notification Service


The Solutions

The Pistoia Alliance CSCS Project delivered two separate solutions:

Controlled Substances Squared

The Scitegrity Controlled Substances Squared (CS2) system is a completely new system built specifically to the Pistoia CSCS requirements.

Compliance Checker

Compliance Checker is a software system and content package developed by Patcore and ChemAxon.

Getting in touch

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