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Recent HELM Updates

RFP published: HELM Ambiguity and Web-services

The HELM (Hierarchical Editing Language for Macromolecules) 2.0 project has published an RFP that aims to implement a number of enhancements to the current HELM definition and open source codebase.

HELM attracting attention at Bio-IT World 2015

Having won the 2014 Best Practice Award at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo, HELM again attracted plenty of attention at this year’s meeting (Boston, April 21-23 2015). Numerous contributions gave an overview of the growing HELM ecosystem and its adoption by the pharmaceutical industry.

HELM Antibody Editor released

The release of the HELM Editor by the Pistoia Alliance in 2014 inspired a team at Roche and quattro research to use this technology for the registration of antibodies engineered at Roche’s research sites.

Calling developers and informaticians!

Test your creativity and take on one of these HELM-related challenges. Each one is conceptually interesting and should be fun to solve.

What is HELM?

HELM (Hierarchical Editing Language for Macromolecules) enables the representation of a wide range of biomolecules...

antibody drug conjugates,

...whose size and complexity render existing small-molecule and sequence-based informatics methodologies impractical or unusable.

Why HELM Notation?

  • Supports all biomolecules in a single notation
  • Facilitates information exchange between organisations
  • Compact and flexible

Download the free toolkit, editors and more

Also available: search proof of concept and starter pack of monomers.

  • Create your own applications using the functionality in the toolkit.
  • Draw and convert structures into HELM using the editor.
  • Visualise antibodies, manipulate the structures and analyse domains using HAbE.
  • Source code and compiled versions available


HELM relies on an active voluntary community. We are currently supported by the following companies.

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Links to the HELM code, user guides, videos, specifications and more can be found on our wiki.