Public Resources

At the Pistoia Alliance we believe in transparency and accountability. When it comes to decision-making processes, documentation, and project output, we share as much as we can via the channels below. Members can gain access to members-only resources upon request.

Google Drive - Documents

Project and operational documents are stored in our Google Drive. There are separate public, private, and members-only areas.

Confluence - Wiki

We maintain a wiki for meeting minutes, discussions, policies, and other dynamic documents. There are separate public, private, and members-only areas.

IP3 - New Ideas

Browse the current selection of ideas and join in the debate, or contribute new ideas of your own. Everyone can join the conversation.

Project Pages

Each of our projects publishes key information and output on this website. Browse all our projects, past and present, on the projects page.

Read All About It

Our public wiki hosts a bibliography page containing a list of all our publications, articles, and substantial media mentions.

Put Us In Your Diary

Our events page contains the dates of all our major events, conferences, webinars, AGMs, and key meetings.

Pistoia Alliance Debates

Catch up at your leisure with webinar recordings of our past debates, or read about and register for the next one in the series.


Where permission is granted, all presentations from our public webinars and conferences are uploaded to SlideShare. Browse the collection online.

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Videos and Webinars