AbVance Update – Q4 2018

Pistoia Alliance AbVance: focus on improving antibody modelling for drug discovery. Seeking additional partners for EU funding proposal.

Our initial proposal to the European Union Horizon 2020 programme requesting funds to enhance the computational discovery of antibody (Ab) drug candidates was rejected despite achieving a very good score of 79%. The team is currently working on resubmitting this proposal in December 2018 with an emphasis on the development of Ab-specific computational tools for the prediction of Ab-antigen complex structures. Part of the approach will be to develop machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) methodologies as part of an Ab modelling and docking pipeline using training data which is publicly available, in the first instance, and proprietary data from real drug discovery projects for validation.

The team is looking for existing Pistoia Alliance members who have relevant data and an interest in antibody drug discovery and/or AI/ML/DL approaches to join the proposal.

Please contact the Project Manager, Richard Norman (richard.norman@pistoiaalliance.org), for further information.

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