AbVance Project

Our mission is to increase our knowledge of antibody (Ab) structural space to enable faster and better decision-making in antibody drug discovery.

Why is this important

It is estimated that a typical human is capable of producing approximately 1 x 10^10 distinct Ab molecules. There are approximately 2600 Ab X-Ray crystal structures in the wwPDB to date and only about 1000 of these are unique from a sequence perspective. Thus there are still considerable gaps in our structural knowledge of a typical human Ab repertoire which need to be filled.

What will the project achieve?

Accurate modeling of antibody structures is an integral aspect of biologics drug discovery which relies on good and extensive coverage of antibody structural space. Our goal is to increase the number of Ab structures in the PDB and show that these have a positive impact at three different scales:

How will the project do this?

Our approach involves benchmarking how our ability to model unknown Ab structures has evolved during the last 20 years. This will give us an understanding of what the gaps in structural space are and will enable us to work towards filling these. In addition, our project members will release a number of proprietary structures.

How do I get involved?

If you would like to participate or have any further questions, please contact our project manager Richard Norman (richard.norman@pistoiaalliance.org).

Project members include