Agenda announced for our Spring Conference in Zurich

HP Duebendorf

We are pleased to announce the full agenda for April 14th, the public day of our Spring conference. If you’d like to attend, please register now! We’ve been working hard to put together an interesting day’s content for the benefit of our members and friends alike, and we hope to encourage some lively debate and discussion that will support the creation of the next generation of Pistoia Alliance projects.

We would like to express our particular thanks to Jo Pisani of PwC for agreeing to chair the opening session and panel discussion, and to HP for their support in arranging the venue and catering.

Slides from this event are now available on our blog.

Here is the planned agenda:

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  • 8.00am-8.30am Registration and Breakfast buffet
  • 8.30am-8.40am Welcome and Introduction
  • 8.40am-11.00am Big Innovation

How can we move from tactical issues to larger strategic innovation challenges? What can we learn from other industries? Speakers from a diverse range of backgrounds will present their own angle on these questions then join a panel to discuss further and take questions from the audience.

  • 8.40am-9.05am Jo Pisani, PwC (session chair)
  • 9.05am-9.30am Ruud Schoemaker, FrieslandCampina
  • 9.30am-9.55am Stuart Robertson, Exostar
  • 9.55am-10.20am Jakob de Vlieg, Bayer
  • 10.20am-11.00am Panel discussion with previous speakers – chaired by Jo Pisani
  • 11.00am-11.25am Coffee
  • 11.25am-12.30pm Big Ideas

What grand-scale innovations are taking place elsewhere in our industry? Hear from organisations involved with bleeding-edge research and learn where the very latest technology may be taking us in the surprisingly not-too-distant future.

  • 11.25am-11.35am Adriano Henney, Avicenna
  • 11.35am-12.05pm Peter van der Spek, Erasmus MC
  • 12.05pm-12.35pm Joe Donahue, BioReference Laboratories
  • 12.35pm-12.55pm Current and Emerging Pistoia Alliance Portfolio
  • 12.55pm-1.55pm Lunch
  • 1.55pm-2.40pm How The Pistoia Alliance Has Helped My Work 

What did the Romans ever do for us? Three organisations talk about how getting involved with and adopting Pistoia Alliance solutions has made a significant difference to their work and generated real value for their business.

  • 1.55pm-2.10pm Misha Kapushesky, GeneStack – on Sequence Services
  • 2.10pm-2.25pm Stefan Klostermann, Roche – on HELM
  • 2.25pm-2.40pm Daniel Baeschlin, Novartis – on CSCS
  • 2.40pm-3.05pm Why We Joined The Pistoia Alliance

Why should anyone join the Pistoia Alliance as a Core or Participating member? A selection of our newest members explain why they joined and what they hope to gain from their involvement.

  • 2.40pm-2.45pm Osthus
  • 2.45pm-2.50pm QuattroResearch
  • 2.50pm-2.55pm HP
  • 2.55pm-3.00pm Dotmatics
  • 3.00pm-3.05pm Lundbeck
  • 3.05pm-3.30pm Coffee
  • 3.30pm-4.50pm The Life Sciences Alliance Landscape

The Pistoia Alliance is not the only industry association in the life sciences field. We hear from some other key players with the intention of learning about their recent progress and identifying areas where we may be able to collaborate.

  • 3.30pm-3.50pm OpenPHACTS
  • 3.50pm-4.10pm Allotrope Foundation
  • 4.10pm-4.30pm Global Alliance for Genomics and Health
  • 4.30pm-4.50pm IMI
  • 4.50pm-5.20pm Round-table discussion on Map of Alliances

We’d like to build a map of all the life sciences industry alliances, foundations, and consortia. What might the map look like, what sort of data should be included on it, and how might it be gathered?

  • 5.20pm-5.30pm Closing Notes 
  • 5.30pm-7pm Drinks reception

If you haven’t already registered for our Zurich conference then please register now!

Pistoia Alliance Core and Participating members should note that the second day of the conference – April 15th – will follow a similar format to our New York event. A full agenda is available upon request. This second day of the conference is open only to Core and Participating members and the Pistoia Alliance leadership


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