Announcing the first President’s Series – Hackathon

The Pistoia Alliance Innovation Committee is delighted to announce the first President’s Series – Hackathon over the weekend of March 25th – 26th.

From computers beating the world’s best Go player, image recognition software learning to identify cats in pictures from youtube videos and speech recognition and generation tools entering our daily lives, deep learning, machine learning and AI are transforming the potential of modern computing’s ability to impact all aspects of modern life.

The Pistoia Alliance want to bring the Deep / Machine learning community together with the life-science and healthcare industry to demonstrate the potential of deep learning to aid drug discovery and bring new life saving treatments to the world.

Further announcements on the themes and challenges will be announced in the coming weeks.

To enter click here.

For more information on participating, being a mentor or judge or even getting your company to set one of the challenges please contact David Proudlock.

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