The Cloud in China

Externalization has driven global integration applications that bring together multiple CRO and academic partners. Traditional technologies often fail in the complex security and high-latency networks required by these applications. The cloud would seem to be an ideal solution, but will it work in China?

The Truth About Ontologies

Being an ontologist can be challenging at times. For starters, you have to try and explain to most people what an ontologist is. Typically, it's not one of the 'profession' options when completing online applications. Then there are the ontologies themselves. The truth is that working out which ontologies are reliable and unreliable, even having worked with them for years, can be difficult and it's often more art than science. For those new to the area this challenge can be overwhelming.

Genomic Diagnostics for Precision Medicine in India: Current and Future Prospects

Delivering precision medicine through healthcare systems in the highly populated countries of Asia can pose great challenges. India in particular has a complex healthcare system involving public and private players, inadequate regulatory frameworks, and restrictions on the transfer of biological samples for use in overseas research studies. This article takes a glimpse at current systems, challenges and future prospects for rolling out precision medicine in India.