Banner year for Pistoia Alliance members at BioIT

Bio-IT was a popular event this year. A record number of Pistoia Alliance members, 18 to be exact, exhibited and/or sponsored the event. Each of them sported a “Proud Member of the Pistoia Alliance” sign at their booths – and so you could not go down any aisle without seeing the Pistoia Alliance logo and sharing in the excitement generated for our community. We even had two “Best in Show” winners – SciBite and The Hyve.  Congratulations!

Elsevier leveraged the opportunity extensively, training every booth attendant about the Pistoia Alliance and their engagement with it, and handing out dozens and dozens of the Pistoia Alliance postcards. Special shout out to Elizabeth Eldridge of Biovia, who hand-delivered the marketing packages to each booth. And let’s not forget our reception, generously sponsored by Biovia, Dotmatics, Intomics and SciBite. We were busting at the seams, spilling out onto the patio at Rosa Mexicano, with over 80 people in attendance.  Thanks to our sponsors for helping us put on this well-received networking event.

Looking forward to next year’s conference, where I expect we will break our record again.  Start planning now!

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