Bigger on the Inside than the Outside

While making my way to a recent Pistoia Alliance networking event I bumped into a colleague from one of our member organisations. She asked me where I was going. On hearing where I was headed, she mentioned that she had heard about this event but she did not think she was entitled to attend, since she was aware that her company was a member of the Pistoia Alliance but she personally was not.

I wasted no time in letting her know that our events are open to everyone employed by our members, not just those that we work with most frequently, and that she would be most welcome to come along and join me. By the end of the evening she had made several new contacts relevant to her research that she may never have met had she not attended our event.

Communicating the benefits of the Pistoia Alliance to everyone in our member organisations is an ongoing challenge. It is often apparent that not everyone understands that once an organisation has joined the Alliance then the benefits of membership are extended to all of its employees, not just the individual or team that initially signed the membership forms.

As President of the Pistoia Alliance, I cannot stress enough how important it is that everyone feels they not only have the right but are very welcome to get involved. With a rapidly growing project portfolio, including notable successes such as HELM and CSCS and exciting new ideas such as Ontologies Mapping, a vibrant and engaged membership is vital to the ongoing development and delivery of outcomes that are of value to the entire life sciences community.

If you work for one of our member organisations then you have every right to get involved in our projects and have your say. If you want to get involved but you’re not sure if you can, simply check the front page of our website to see if your organisation is listed. If it is, then please do not hesitate to get in touch, but if it isn’t, get in touch anyway to find out how to join!

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