Blockchain Bootcamp – Boston 2018

To further progress the Alliance’s commitment to deliver more “education” on blockchain technology, a theme that came out so strongly during the “Blockchain in Life Sciences R&D” pre-project earlier in the year, and to coincide with the Fall Conference in Boston, we ran a 2-day “Blockchain Bootcamp” facilitated by Kris Bennett from The Blockchain Training Alliance and focused on the Hyperledger platform ( While day 1 involved classroom training on blockchain background, on what makes a good blockchain use-case, plus some Hyperledger basics, day 2 gave the attendees the opportunity to do some actual hands-on coding in Hyperledger Composer — which was definitely not as scarey as it sounds! In fact if you want to try Composer out, there is a web-based sandbox where anyone can build a castle or two:-

Although we had hoped more people would avail themselves of the opportunity, those who did attend fed back strongly that the bootcamp content, trainer and communications were all “good”, and that it more than met most people’s expectations (some even said it far exceeded their expectations). We are now considering whether to run another bootcamp, maybe at a more advanced level in 2019. All in all it was a highly enjoyable 2 days with great discussion and interaction — particularly when we split into smaller teams to work on an example use-case in Composer. So enjoyable was it that a number of those who attended have gone back to their parent organizations and carried on working with Hyperledger — now that they know how, and now they know it is a lot less daunting.

Watch this space for more information on future training events, bootcamps and workshops.

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