Do Biomarker Exchange Standards Exist?

Last week I was part of a very interesting email exchange on the topic of biomarker exchange standards. The correspondents were Sandor Szalma of Johnson & Johnson, who is heading up the embryonic working group on this subject, and James McGurk, director of informatics at Daiichi Sankyo Pharma Development.

Nick Lynch Receives First Pistoia Alliance Leadership Award

Last week saw the third annual face-to-face meeting of the Pistoia Alliance Board and Operational Team. We’ll have more to say in future entries about some of the happenings at and outcomes of that meeting, but today I want to highlight that this was the third such meeting in what is now the Alliance’s fifth year since being conceived over dinner at a conference in Pistoia, Italy.

Kicking Off New Working Groups

Two teleconferences are planned for the next fortnight aiming to kick off working groups on two topics emanating from the highly fruitful Information Ecosystem Workshop that the Pistoia Alliance held last October in Hannover.

Four IT Themes from Gartner

Robert Mitchell over at Computerworld recently blogged about his takeaways from the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo. He nailed it, I think, raising themes that we’ve definitely noticed here at the Pistoia Alliance. We’re also thrilled he gave us a mention in his post.

SESL at Bio-ITWorld Europe: What’s the future of knowledge brokering?

I was able to take SESL on a public spin at the Bio-ITWorld meeting last week in Hannover, and it was very well received. As we at the Pistoia Alliance bring this project to a close, it’s clear that we’re in a SESL-is-dead, long-live-SESL situation as we determine the best way to leverage the lessons from this project in other initiatives—very likely the Open PHACTS project sponsored by the IMI.