ChemAxon Biomolecule Toolkit includes HELM compatibility

ChemAxon, a Pistoia Alliance member, has today released its new Biomolecule Toolkit product. The Biomolecule Toolkit includes HELM compatibility making it fully interoperable with an increasing number of other HELM-aware solutions and adopters.

In a press release announcing the launch of the product, ChemAxon said: “There are various custom formats for representing biological molecules, but in most cases these are inconsistently precise and rarely interchangeable, and so need manual interpretation which can give ambiguous results. The [Biomolecule Toolkit] technology is released ready to support ‘your’ preferred standard, though the toolkit comes with support for Open HELM and standard biological and chemical file formats, out of the box.”

The Pistoia Alliance is very pleased to see another example of HELM adoption in the marketplace, and encourages all those interested in HELM to join the Alliance and the HELM project team in order to support the continuing development of the project.

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