Chemical Safety Library (CSL) service released

The Pistoia Alliance announces the release of the Chemical Safety Library (CSL) service, which allows hazardous reaction information to be captured, stored and shared.

Currently, hazardous reaction information is generally held in company silos, and is not readily accessible. The launch of the CSL submission tool creates a platform whereby the entire laboratory community can share such information, and so improve safety in the labs. This unique data set of hazardous reactions, can be downloaded and used in whatever way a company chooses, for example, integrated with their ELN system.

The project team, made up of representatives from 5 major Pharmas and academia,  started by reviewing the Bristol Myers-Squibb (BMS)  pilot data set, and developed a user requirement specification for a prototype submission tool.  Biovia were chosen as the vendor for the submission tool and delivered the prototype in February . Following successful testing by the entire project team, the prototype was released for “soft launch” where it was additionally made available to the many volunteers that had contributed along the way.

During this phase the project team members shared their own reaction data and worked with Millipore Sigma and Biovia to increase the reagents pre-loaded to more than 75k, improving the user experience when inputting a new reaction. The submission tool is easy to use, Tony Johnson, Senior Scientist from AstraZeneca  said  “it only took me 2 or 3 minutes to enter my reaction, it really was quite straight forward”.

Details on the project and this initial release will be presented at the Spring 2017 ACS meeting in San Francisco on April 4th in the Chemical Health and Safety division symposium. 

Thankyou to all the participants and volunteers for their generous support.

Mark Manfredi – Project Lead
Gabrielle Whittick – Project Manager  

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