Clarivate Analytics and the Pistoia Alliance – The Life Sciences Innovation Report

For a limited time, we are delighted to announce exclusive access for Pistoia Alliance members to Clarivate's industry report:

A data-driven view of the emerging trends that are accelerating biopharmaceutical R&D innovation.

What is life science innovation and how do we track it?

The Life Sciences Innovation Report covers:

Emerging Innovation

The emerging, developing, and contributing innovations from the top 1% of highly cited research

R&D Analysis

Key R&D metrics and development trends

Developments in R&D

The spending and budgets on new technologies and the regulatory perspectives in these spaces.

Read about:

  • The acceleration in biopharmaceutical R&D innovation, buoyed by precision medicine, immunotherapy, the expansion of therapeutic modalities and expedited regulatory pathways.
  • The expanding role of academia is contributing to biologics drug R&D leading to new approaches to potential new biological therapies.
  • The variety of multi-disciplinary innovation globally is unprecedented as seen through the emergence and development of new techniques.
  • How whole genome studies are contributing to more refined disease understanding, diagnosis and treatment.
  • How the microbiome is representing a new frontier in health and disease research.
  • IT budgets increasing to include AI predictive analytics across R&D for deployment in decision-making, with blockchain still maturing but not as advanced.
  • How R&D IT is at the entry point in adopting large-scale use of cloud-based platforms in enterprise computing.
  • Mobile computing and how it is poised to support digitization of the workforce and as digital health, both stand-alone as therapy and in combination with drug therapy.

Innovation means many things to many people, and both biomedical and clinical innovation is foundational to commercial success in life sciences. With this in mind, Clarivate Analytics, in conjunction with the Pistoia Alliance, examined innovation drivers across a number of fronts to determine who – and what – is truly innovative. Our findings are included in The Life Sciences Innovation Report, which covers:

• The emerging, developing, and contributing innovations from the top 1% of highly cited research
• The top 30 small molecule and biologics innovators
• Key R&D metrics and developmet trends
• Target and disease focus from the global investigational drugs pipeline
• IT and Pharma R&D budgets and machine learning patent activity
• Market developments in algorithms, cloud-based platforms, and mobile computing
• Regulatory perspectives influencing the adoption and policy-making of the featured innovations

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