Convergence of Research and Development – a technology, data driven revolution

The Pistoia Alliance Annual US Conference 2017 – on Tuesday 10th October 2017, at the Hilton Back Bay Boston – will offer a unique opportunity for its members to debate important developments across the pharma and life science R&D value chain, and identify key areas where the Pistoia Alliance, already a thought-leader in many of these areas, can set up collaborative projects that will make a real difference to research and ultimately to patients.

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We are delighted to confirm the following Keynote Speakers:

  • Kevin Dean, Lead Advisor, Smart Health Sciences
  • Michael Shanler, Research VP, Gartner
  • Elizabeth Van Derbeck, SVP, HOK Architects

The distinction between the research laboratory, clinic, ambulatory care and the hospital is diminishing as technology blurs the boundaries.

Major advances are being seen in:

·       Automation ·       Cloud-based lab services ·       Natural Language Processing
·       Augmented reality ·       Connectivity ·       Quantum computing
·       Artificial Intelligence ·       IoT ·       Smart devices
·       Blockchain ·       Machine learning ·       Wearables

The loop is being closed between clinical outcomes data and research data. Scientific advances delivering “lab-on-a-chip” and “organ-on-a-chip”, perhaps even “human-on-a-chip” bring research infrastructure closer to the patient leading to far quicker turnaround times for translational science and medicine. We envisage fundamental changes in how we leverage real world data to inform drug discovery and development.

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Increased collaboration is needed between all the key stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem viz: patients, prescribers, providers, payors, developers, medicines regulators, health technology assessment agencies, scientific publishers, governments and the biopharmaceutical industry.

It is vital for the biopharmaceutical industry to embrace and exploit these rapid advances in technology. These developments impact the patient too, for the patient is moving to the very centre of R&D as changes around data ownership and developments in precision medicine lead to more personalised patient/provider interactions.

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