Creation of new Project Proposal – Faster Safe Companion CDx

The Pistoia Alliance has merged two project ideas into one:

  1. Sequence Analysis in the Biopharmaceutical Industry Regulated Domain

An article on the use of NGS in the regulated domains of drug development authored by our consultants, Keith Nangle and Mike Furness, has just been published in the Winter 2017/2018 issue of Drug Discovery World.

  1. The Challenges of Generating and Regulating Companion Diagnostics for Precision Medicine

The biopharmaceutical industry and healthcare are looking to exploit the advantages of precision medicine. Companion Diagnostics (CDx) are key to this strategy.  NGS is an increasing component of CDx. Consequently, CDx and NGS are all subject to regulation.

The Pistoia Alliance will explore:

 Faster Safe Companion Diagnostics (CDx) by Aligning Discovery & Clinical Data in the Regulatory Domain 

with a webinar on Tuesday 6th March, and with a one-day workshop at the Royal Society of Chemistry in London on 11th April.

We are also carrying out a survey to help define the key areas to address, and we would welcome people to participate here.

For more information contact either:


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