Launch Webinar: AI/ML CoE Datathon for Repurposing Drugs for Rare Diseases

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Date(s) - 01 Oct 2018
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


PwC has predicted that by 2020 there will be 2.7 million job postings for data science and analytics roles, with many companies unable to fill these positions because of a lack of eligible candidates. To help organisations overcome this skill shortage, we are hosting a charitable datathon challenge that will allow participants to showcase their data expertise, in order to recruit the analytical teams for the future.

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What is the Rare Disease Drug Repurposing Datathon?

As part of the Pistoia Alliance Centre of Excellence for AI/ML in Life Sciences, Elsevier is providing a number of sets of Life Sciences data within it’s Entellect platform to participants who accept the challenge to research possible drug repurposing in areas being worked on by the not-for-profit CuresWithinReach organisation.

Our twin goals are – advancing knowledge on rare diseases – and – illustrating best practice in AI data science. We are partnering with CuresWithinReach to ensure the insights generated in the Datathon are acted upon for the benefit of patients. The Data Science learnings will be shared across the Pistoia Alliance Centre of Excellence for AI/ML in Life Sciences. As winners of the challenge you will be able to showcase the skills of your team, as an aid to recruiting Data Scientists to your organisation.

As an outcome from the Datathon you will be able to showcase your organizations skills in data science, and use this award to raise awareness amongst data scientists who are looking for employment and may then seek to join your team.

Are you up for the challenge? Would like to find out more information? If so, please contact Jabe Wilson (Elsevier), Vladimir Makarov (Pistoia Alliance).

Who should participate?

The Datathon is open primarily to participants from Pistoia Alliance Members and other Academic and Commercial organisations who are willing to openly share their expertise. The Datathon is intended to be used both to illustrate best practice in AI and Data Science in Life Sciences, and to achieve the goal of furthering insights into treatments for these conditions. Ideally, the goal it to identify drugs that can be repurposed for treatment of these conditions.

After closure of the registration process all candidates will be grouped into small teams, based on the particular disease in focus, which they have previously selected. Each team will get its task to focus on.

The datathon will run for 2 months from this launch & more details during The Pistoia Alliance’s AI Workshop in Boston on 9th October 2018.

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