Interactive Genome Analysis Lunch and Discussion

Date(s) - 11 Feb 2015
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Royal Society of Chemistry


(Note: this event is from 12pm-2pm UK time.)

Next Generation Sequencing is enabling more genomic data, of better quality and at cheaper cost to be made available for the life science community. The power of the analytical tools use to derive value from this NGS data has not increased proportionately.

There is a huge potential solution space being developed by the community, ranging from dedicated hardware, through optimized software, to increasingly potent Internet services. However, an all-purpose, configurable, scalable solution still eludes us.

The Pistoia Alliance is arranging a “Lunch and Discussion” to explore the opportunities and challenges in creating the next generation of Interactive Genome Analysis tools to allow life scientists better to extract information from this NGS data.

There is no charge for this event. Contact if you would like to attend.

The event will be held at at the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Burlington House in London on Wednesday 11th February. Our annual RSC Evening Event takes place on the same day. Why not join us for both? (Separate registration is required.)

For more information about this nascent project idea, please visit the Pistoia Alliance Interactive Project Portfolio Platform (IP3).

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