Pistoia Alliance Debates: CRISPR: what it is, and why it is having a profound impact on human health

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Date(s) - 16 Nov 2016
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


(Note: This webinar is being held from 4-5pm UK time, 11am-midday Eastern, 8-9am Pacific, 5-6pm CET.)

A “Pistoia Alliance Debates” webinar

Scientific articles, science news, and even popular press stories have exploded on the topic of CRISPR and so it seems an appropriate time for us to delve in and get a better understanding of the technique itself, the applications and the implications.

  • We will commence with an elementary description of CRISPR, providing a general understanding of what it is and how it is carried out and, in particular, how certain proteins can cut DNA in precise, targeted locations
  • With that background, we will then move to the of the radical scientific implications, not least the acceleration of understanding of basic molecular biology that can be achieved by exploiting this technology
  • We will then explore contemporary bioinformatics principles and techniques and how they can evolve to support and indeed enhance the exploitation of CRISPR in science and Medicine
  • Next we will touch on the clinical potential of CRISPR, with special reference to the possibilities in the treatment of Cystic Fibrosis
  • And finally we will explore the ethics of CRISPR, and the importance of engaging and informing the public about this profound, revolutionary, scientific, technical and medical development.


  • Panel Chairman – Alvis Brazma – Senior Team Leader, Functional Genomics, EMBL-EBI
  • Biopharma Scientist perspective – Mike Ollman – Principal Scientist at Amgen
  • Clinical Perspective – Patrick Harrison, University College Cork

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