Pistoia Alliance Debates webinar: Real World Data / Real World Evidence

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Date(s) - 06 Jun 2017
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


(Note: webinar is being held from 4-5pm UK time.)

A “Pistoia Alliance Debates” webinar

The capture and management of Real World Data – and it subsequent analysis to create Real World Evidence – is an important capability of the biopharmaceutical industry. The increase in the number and the influence of Health Technology Assessment Agencies – with their brief to understand the value of medical therapies and to recommend or not for their inclusion in the pharmacopeias – ensures that the industry increasingly needs to provide Real World Evidence to support their claims about the value of their drugs.

But more than this, Real World Data – including Genomic Data – could be exploited to inform clinical trial strategy – to provide better understanding of patient cohorts – improved inclusion / exclusion criteria – all contributing to fewer and more robust clinical trials with fewer patients. Furthermore, such RWD might be exploited to inform drug discovery with better correlations between genotype and phenotype and better understanding of the mechanisms of drugs of particular classes on disease pathways.

However, the current model is for each individual biopharmaceutical company to build its own RWD/RWE infrastructure. Could one image a future where the biopharmaceutical industry shared such an infrastructure? The savings made, the efficiencies gained, would be remarkable. But how might that be achieved?

The Pistoia Alliance will run a webinar that will focus on the common challenges that the biopharmaceutical industry faces in the regulatory-compliant, exploitation of RWD. Three perspectives will be examined viz:

  • the biopharmaceutical industry,
  • the legislative and regulatory framework constraining the exploitation of RWD
  • the technologies that can be deployed to exploit RWD and create RWE.

The webinar will suggest a way forward whereby a cross-industry understanding of the challenges, and the functional and business specifications of a RWD/RWE platform might be defined, resulting in trusted, third-party, commercial solutions to be implemented.

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