Pistoia Alliance Debates: Sharing Data with my Co-opetition

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Date(s) - 03 Dec 2015
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm



(Note: This webinar is being held from 4-5pm UK time, 11am-midday Eastern, 8-9am Pacific, 5-6pm CET.)

A “Pistoia Alliance Debates” webinar

Pharmaceutical discovery and development has always been a collaborative endeavor but in recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the number and type of external collaboration projects throughout drug discovery, development and clinical trials. These range from fee-for-service CRO/CMO engagements to large multi-pharma/biotech and research institute collaborations. A critical success factor in these engagements is the ability to share all of the data necessary for the multi-organization team to operate efficiently and effectively, while protecting the intellectual property of the partners and adhering to any regulatory requirements associated with that data.

The challenges are many and varied:

  • Security – how should the data be securely stored and transmitted?
  • Access rights – collaboration networks are becoming increasingly large and complex and are governed by equally complex legal agreements. How do you ensure that all parties see the data they need but none that they are not authorized to see?
  • IP protection – how is the IP of each party in the collaboration respected and secured?
  • Agility – how do we ensure that data sharing does not become the bottleneck in the collaboration?
  • Domain variability – research data and clinical data are very different in structure, content and constraints – how do we handle this variability? What are the characteristics of the various domains and how do they impact sharing  – ad-hoc vs structured, molecules/sequences vs numeric, low regulatory impact vs high regulatory impact etc?
  • Data sources – a truly informed project should examine data from all participants, but also data from literature, patents, commercial and open-source databases. What are the challenges and constraints on sharing this broader data and how do we overcome them? How does this vary by domain?
  • Standards for collaborative data – what are the data standards and formats that allow data to be shared so that is it consistently understood by all parties in a collaboration? and where is there a lack of standards that will hamper successful collaboration? 

This webinar will be chaired by Richard Lingard, SVP of Global Commercial Operations at Dotmatics Ltd. 

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