Four IT Themes from Gartner

Robert Mitchell over at Computerworld recently blogged about his takeaways from the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo. He nailed it, I think, raising themes that we’ve definitely noticed here at the Pistoia Alliance. We’re also thrilled he gave us a mention in his post.

Mitchell says that this year, the Gartner talks were all about five things:

  • The “consumerisation of IT” through mass collaboration
  • The infusion of social media into enterprise computing
  • The application of analytics to big data through multiple, shared data repositories
  • The ascendance of mobile devices in business settings
  • The cloud as an enabler to all of the above

Mitchell referred to the Pistoia Alliance in unpacking the idea that even the biggest companies can’t deal with big data on their own. Instead, they are replacing separate, independently housed data pools with shared, open access pools co-created and shared by the organisations that need to access the data. Value comes not from the data itself, but from the value organisations are able to extract from that data.

This trend isn’t unique to pharma; the Gartner Symposium covered all areas of IT. But pharma should take pride that the Pistoia Alliance was cited in a general IT forum as an example of what is possible in responding to the tremendous pressures and opportunities that arise from continued IT development.

So here at Pistoia, we’ve not only seen the future, we’re living it. The question, as always, is what we’re going to do now that we’re on this (right) path. Some projects are continuing, like sequence services and its companion project, sequence squeeze. Some, like SESL, proved a concept so that it can be fulfilled by other groups. And other projects are still percolating—it’s been encouraging to see all the ideas floated at the Information Ecosystem Workshop last month.

Where do you think the future lies, and how can the Pistoia Alliance help you realize it?

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