Fruits from the Ontologies Mapping project

0743_OM-logo_rgb_242pxThe Pistoia Alliance Ontologies Mapping project, which creates guidelines, tools and services for ontologies mapping and management in Life Science Research and Development, is reaching completion of its second phase.

We have been able to use the ontologies mapping tool requirements, developed during the first phase, for the systematic evaluation of existing tools and algorithms. Three top capability tools were found to meet most of our requirements and their identity is available to Pistoia Alliance members.

The project recently sponsored and organised a new disease and phenotype track for the annual ontology matching algorithm challenge, OM-2016 at the International Semantic Web Conference in Kobe, Japan. Three top performing algorithms shared a prize of $7,500 at the conference.

The project has also defined the requirements for an enterprise quality, ontologies mapping service. This includes the application of the Ontologies Guidelines, which were developed during the first phase. We are now considering the options for inviting service providers to participate in a trial mapping service using our requirements, as the third phase of the project during 2017.

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