Update on Chemical Safety Library Service Roll-out

Following the launch of the chemical safety library service on 14th March, the requests for access have been overwhelming. Thank you for the tremendous interest!

We apologise for any delay in getting you registered on the system, and have taken steps to improve the process. Due to the high volume of people accessing the system we have also increased the number of concurrent users.

It only takes a couple of minutes to enter a hazardous reaction, the tool is free and your entry could prevent an incident from occurring and someone getting hurt.

Top Tip: When you input your reaction information, after saving the reaction don’t forget to enter the reagents that were used in the incident and remember, we want to hear of incidents and near misses – as we all can learn from both.

If you have any questions contact csladmin@pistoiaalliance.org. Further information about the project can be found on the chemical safety library website.

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