Lab of the Future and AI Workstreams – Agenda

Tuesday, 13th March 2018

Millennium Hotel, Mayfair London

Lab of the Future and AI Workstreams


8.30     Registration and Coffee

9.00     Lab of the Future Community of Interest

  • Method database Business Case (Joshua Bishop, Merck)
    • Method Management at Bayer (Henning Kayser, Bayer)
    • Robotic labs in basic biomedical research (Tim Hoctor, Elsevier)
    • Method Db alternative approaches (Burkhard Schaefer, BSSN)
  • IoT for the Lab Business Case (Gerhard Noelken)
    • Interim feedback from ongoing IoT Data Hackathon (Shire, TetraScience)
    • IoT use cases and package solutions proposed (Julian Luebke , CubusLab)
    • Ambient condition monitoring for Liquid handlers (Robert Pemberton, Elemental Machines)
  • Update Demo Lab (Chris)
  • Evaluate additional areas of interest for Lab of the Future

11.10 Coffee and registration AI Community

11.20 Coffee for Lab of the Future Community

11.40   Joint Lab of the Future/AI Session   

  • The aim of this session is to bring the group up to date on the current AI Community and project business cases
  • Brief Intro to AI  – Mark Roberts, Tessella
    • allows us to set the scene for future areas
    • Top 3 goals for your AI Adoption plans in next 12 months?
    • What R&D areas are you focusing AI on as an approach?
  • We will focus on the potential overlapping project ideas & data sets coming from Lab of the Future on AI
  • We will aim to set our direction for Instrument, maintenance or Lab Data examples in AI

13:00   Networking Lunch

13:30   Split into AI and LOTF groups

  • LOTF Group Session: Board Rooms 1 and 2
  • AI Sub Group Session: Manhattan Suite
LOTF Group Session afternoon agenda:

14:00 – 16:00   LotF Business Case teams

  • Method database BC team
    • Allotrope Data Format as a Container for a Method (Wolfgang Colsman, Osthus)
    • User stories for the Hackathon and expected outcome (Joshua Bishop, Merck)
  • IoLT evaluation BC team
    • Use cases and solution package prioritization
13:30 AI Sub Group Session afternoon agenda:

AI Sub Group Session (Wiki area – links to material and current activities)

Our group workshops will follow on from each other

13:30 – 14:30 AI Adoption & Best Practices Workshop

Discussion Questions:

  • What things do you wish you had known in your AI implementation?
  • Discussion and Output: What can we do as a community to support AI Best practice and adoption success in Life Science

14:30 – 15:30 Data Quality and Business Use cases

    • What business use cases would be supported by better data from which AI can be applied. Identify prioritised set
    • What does data quality mean for AI
    • Output: Next steps with these use cases to deliver value

15:30   Pistoia Alliance Hack the Lab will start its presentations and judging, we hope you are able to join us for that and here their presentations

17.00   Drinks Reception for all attendees