As part of our aim to support events advancing new innovation in life science or healthcare, the Pistoia Alliance was delighted to be one of the sponsors of the Virtual Medicine conference’s virtual hackathon, co-supporting the Grand Prize with a $1000 prize. Over 80 people joined the virtual event over the period, David Proudlock acted as the judge from Pistoia Alliance.




The Virtual Medicine Conference conducted the first online hackathon focused on the use of immersive technology in healthcare. It was a four month online hackathon. The entrants developed and tested out immersive ideas with people using XR technology to transform healthcare. Teams developed impressive AR and VR prototypes tackling areas including training solutions, technical / real time guidance on equipment usage, patient rehabilitation and condition monitoring and understanding.


The Winners:


We are delighted to say that the winner of the $1000 Grand Prize was the Mandala Ball team, the team put together an impressive proof of concept with the idea of helping children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) through a neurofeedback therapeutic VR game. The demo was highly professional but the key area that stood out was the idea of combining the virtual reality headset with a tool like Neurosky’s mindwave headset to view and record EEG data in real-time.


You can see the winning entry and find out more about our thoughts on the hackathon and the opportunities the entries demonstrated to use extended reality within the life science and healthcare industries in our blog.


Congratulations once again to Sainy, Jose, Vi and Eric, we will be following their progress as the look how they might develop their prototype.


Seeking Opportunities

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