Nick Lynch Receives First Pistoia Alliance Leadership Award

Last week saw the third annual face-to-face meeting of the Pistoia Alliance Board and Operational Team. We’ll have more to say in future entries about some of the happenings at and outcomes of that meeting, but today I want to highlight that this was the third such meeting in what is now the Alliance’s fifth year since being conceived over dinner at a conference in Pistoia, Italy. And much of the credit for the Alliance becoming a hub for precompetitive collaboration in our industry goes to Nick Lynch, Pistoia Alliance founder and immediate Alliance past president (he stepped down from the presidency this fall).

Following up Nick as Pistoia Alliance president has been difficult, because as president Nick not only did so much for the Alliance, but did all of it with enthusiasm, wit, and patience. Nick was always available for questions and always willing to put himself forward on the Alliance’s behalf. His dedication and leadership shaped this group into a thriving organization, and he did it all while juggling his responsibilities at AZ and his personal obligations with panache and good grace. And Nick continues to be a driving force in the Alliance, serving in the highly visible role of external liaison on the Alliance Operational Team.

So I was delighted at an intimate dinner at the Marriott Marble Arch on the first day of the face-to-face meeting to present Nick with the first Pistoia Alliance Leadership Award. The text of the award reads as follows:

The Pistoia Alliance Leadership Awardwas presented to Dr Nick Lynch in February 2012 by decision of the Pistoia Alliance Board. The mission of the Pistoia Alliance is “lowering the barriers to innovation by improving interoperability of R&D business processes through precompetitive collaboration.” This Pistoia Alliance Leadership Award is made in formal and grateful recognition of the effective leadership Dr Lynch has displayed in co-founding and developing the Pistoia Alliance from a concept to a functioning, global non-profit organisation. Dr Lynch’s achievement is due to his energy and domain knowledge, his widespread cross-industry network of colleagues, peers and industry leaders, and his ability to inspire them to work together in an open-innovation, precompetitive framework to further the mission of the Pistoia Alliance.

Congratulations, Nick, for a well-deserved honor!

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