Ontologies as the glue for knowledge management: use cases and challenges

The Pistoia Alliance Debates series will continue on Tuesday January 20th with a webinar entitled “Ontologies as the glue for knowledge management: use cases and challenges.

Ontological resources, such as curated vocabularies and hierarchical ontologies, are used as the glue which is vital for knowledge management on the semantically enabled worldwide web. The webinar will explore selected use cases and challenges for ontological engineering which is critical for a successful life science sector.

Ontology expert Ian Harrow will invite panel members to investigate the current challenges and opportunities in ontology design and management through lively informal debate. The floor will then be opened to webinar participants to ask the panel their own questions and give their opinions.

Panellists include:

  • Martin Romacker, Roche
  • Philippe Rocca-Serra, University of Oxford e-Research Centre
  • Gordon Baxter, Instem

To attend the webinar, which will run from 3-4pm UK time (10-11am Eastern, 7-8am Pacific, 4-5pm CET) please complete the registration form.


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