Ontologies Mapping: Participation in OAEI 2016

The Pistoia Alliance Ontologies Mapping project has been invited by organisers of OAEI 2016 to be involved in this year’s campaign through organising and sponsorship.

The Ontology Matching community (http://ontologymatching.org) develop methodologies to find correspondences between semantically related entities of ontologies. These mappings of equivalence and similarity can be used to connect between ontologies which overlap in the same data domain. Matching ontologies supports interoperability so that linked data can semantically enable management of knowledge.

The Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative – OAEI (http://oaei.ontologymatching.org) is a coordinated international effort, organised by the Ontology Matching community as an annual campaign, which publishes the methodologies, tests and results of the event for further analysis. This attracts participation by leading academic groups who engage in an open process to evaluate the performance of algorithms for ontology matching. Such algorithms can be implemented by ontology mapping tool providers which the Pistoia Alliance would like to encourage.

The project team have chosen matching of disease and phenotype ontologies as new challenge tracks. Participation in the Ontologies Matching community will be of benefit to our separate yet complementary endeavour to evaluate existing Ontologies Mapping tools through an RFI process which has been launched recently.

OAEI 2016 will take place as a workshop at the ISWC 2016 conference in Kobe, Japan from 17th to 21st October. The Pistoia Alliance Ontologies Mapping project will sponsor a prize of $7,500 for the winner of the new disease and phenotype track as an incentive for participation. The results of participation will be made accessible through the OAEI website and published, in conjunction with the ISWC proceedings, as in previous years (22 participants in 2015). In addition, there is the potential for writing a publication about the use case and motivation for this new track.

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