Pistoia Alliance launches its Interactive Project Portfolio Platform (IP3)

Today begins a new era for the Pistoia Alliance.  With the launch of the Interactive Project Portfolio Platform (IP3) we are embracing a new level of openness, access, and transparency around the Pistoia Alliance’s idea-to-project process. The platform is open to the public for review, and individuals who wish to contribute need only register to be able to comment on the current idea pool, or vote on the viability of existing ideas, or submit their own ideas regarding collaboratively mitigating pharma industry challenges.


As ideas get submitted, the Pistoia Alliance IP3 team will recruit champions for the ideas, and will begin socializing the ideas among the membership.  Those ideas that generate significant member interest will be invested in by the Alliance to develop preliminary business cases.  We will then turn to the community to solicit funding to advance the ideas into full fledge project with clear deliverables. Funded initiatives will move on to active project status, where they will execute on the planned deliverables.  And all along this path, the background information, business justification, decision points, and day-to-day progress will be documented in the IP3 system for all to see.

We have been working closely with our partner QMarkets to configure their SaaS-based innovation management software to the needs of the Pistoia Alliance.  The new system will allow for free idea exchange along with a rigorous workflow to move ideas through the system.

Please visit http://ip3.pistoiaalliance.org/ to see for yourself what our community can do.  The live system is populated with all Pistoia Alliance projects underway, along with a large selection of new ideas generated at the 2014 Annual Pistoia Alliance Conference in New York City this past June, which require your input and support.

We encourage you to join us for the IP3 Launch webinar, which is scheduled for August 20th 2014 at 11 EDT/4 pm BST to walk you through the new system and answer your questions.   Please sign up today at https://www4.gotomeeting.com/register/342975471. If you have any questions, feel free to email the IP3 team at ip3@pistoiaalliance.org.

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