The Pistoia Alliance Chemical Safety Library project is dedicated to sharing previously inaccessible hazardous reaction information in the interest of increased laboratory and personal safety across the chemical industries.

Project Deliverables

Freely available CSL data set containing hazardous reaction information for 130 incidents which can be used, whichever way a company prefers,  to improve safety in their labs.

A community of interested scientists, some of whom have shared their own hazardous reaction information and some who expressed a desire to use the CSL data.

Why is this important?

Safety in science labs is still a big issue and CSL provides a unique data source for hazardous reactions that can be used in different ways to alert scientists to potential  dangerous experiments.  The community clearly want to improve safety and they need a means to capture and share hazardous reaction information either from real experiments, near misses or literature.

What will the project achieve?

The CSL experiment has shown that there is a high demand for the hazardous reaction information that has been captured. It is recognised that this information is not available anywhere else and it could prevent an incident by capturing and making this available to all scientists.


How will the project do this?

CSL is a collaborative, crowd sourced community project. It will continue to capture and share hazardous reaction information with the scientific community. The project will listen to feedback and  share this with potential sustainability partners who are interested in developing CSL to greater value.