An expert community that: shares best practice, learns from external experts and collaborates to improve understanding of current issues in controlled substance legislation.

Project Deliverables

This collaborative project facilitated the creation of two vendor created systems that allow the user to look up the controlled status of a chemical structure across multiple countries. They provide alerts for new legislation and regular updates to ensure the information is current. These systems are now available on the open market and are used by governments and more than 6 of the top 10 pharma companies.

The group continues to meet and work on current controlled substance issues.

Why is this important?

Legislation is changing rapidly as countries catch-up with the problems caused by new synthetic substances coming onto the black market. Compliance is increasingly resource intensive due to: complex country specific legislation, the drive to externalise operations and move substances globally and the high stakes for non-compliance.

What will the project achieve?

CSCS has built an expert community which collaborates to improve the understanding controlled substance legislation around the world.

How will the project do this?

The CSCS Expert Community provides a forum to discuss new developments and share best practice. Members hear from expert external speakers, respond to public consultations and build links with regulators.