Method recapitulation is difficult and time consuming, within a company and even more across collaborating partners. A solution to store, search and retrieve a digital version of a method will improve scientist’s ability to retain institutional knowledge, reduce time for method development and improve method execution

Project Deliverables

We are building a standard based, semantically enabled framework
handling HPLC data with two different CDS systems and HPLC instruments.

Key components are:


This framework should allow us to prove the hypothesis that more flexibility and efficiency can be achieved by implementing a digitalized and harmonized instruction set sent to different CDS systems

Why is this important?

Reproducibility of methods is expected to be significantly improved while time and resources to re-establish a method in a different lab will be drastically reduced.


From a cyber security perspective, a centralized storage location will create a much more resilient environment. 

What will the project achieve?

The project will achieve:  

  • test environments in participating companies 
  • Methods extraction from one CDS and execution in another HPLC  
  • Storage, search and retrieval of methods from the Method Database 


The transformation of text-based method descriptions into digital instruction sets for different analytical methods and instrument types, including a common digital format and an ontology for analytical chemistry methods. 

How will the project do this?

The HPLC experts have identified a common set of HPLC parameters across different CDS and HPLC’s. 



Semantic experts have built the common parameters into a semantic Data Model. The Allotrope Data Format is used to bring semantic description, result data and files together in one universal HDF5 container.