The landscape of alliances, foundations, partnerships and consortia in the life sciences world is complex, with many organisations existing that may overlap in their aims or share a significant proportion of their membership. Understanding our place in this complex web of connections is essential for cost-effective and productive life science research.

The Map of Alliances projects set out to discover what other life sciences alliances, consortia and foundations exist and where the overlaps are in function and membership. We would be very grateful if you could let us know about the alliances that you are involved in. The project will ultimately publish this data and tools around it as a public resource.

The comments section in IP3 contains the majority of the alliances we have so far identified. 

We are currently working with Paul Olk at the University of Denver to incorporate his own reserach into the landscape of alliances in North America, to which we will add our own research in Europe and elsewhere when his data is first published in Autumn 2016. We are also working with ELIXIR on the BioSchema project to create a standard microdata format for describing organisations (including alliances) that we will use to describe and store and ultimately enable automatic search and integration over data that we gather. The first draft of this standard is expected in Summer 2016.

The Map of Alliances project is therefore temporarily inactive, save for working on these collaborations, until the output from Olk and ELIXIR becomes available.

Further details are held in IP3. All enquiries should be addressed to Richard Holland.

Recent Map of Alliances Updates

Map of Alliances discussions held with ELIXIR

At a very productive meeting last week at the ELIXIR Hub in Hinxton, near Cambridge, John Wise and Richard Holland of the Pistoia Alliance worked with Andrew Smith, Premysl Velek and Rafael Jimenez of ELIXIR to understand the intentions and requirements of both parties, and established that much of what we were doing was very similar, if not identical.

Pistoia Alliance Launches New Map of Alliances project

The Map of Alliances project will catalogue the various life sciences consortia, partnerships, foundations and alliances in the life sciences sector and investigate how these collaborative efforts form an interconnected web of partnerships.