The initial version of tranSMART’s data management system was developed in 2009 by scientists at Johnson & Johnson and Recombinant Data Corporation. It was used initially by pharmaceutical researchers in Johnson & Johnson’s Centocor R&D division. Since then, more than 20 other corporate, non-profit, academic, patient advocacy and government organizations have joined the tranSMART community.

A Helping Hand

The Pistoia Alliance was instrumental in the establishment of the tranSMART Foundation. The Foundation coordinates development of the next generation of tranSMART, which is being developed in collaboration with developers and users of eTRIKS and TraIT – two informatics/analytics knowledge management systems currently under development and supported by major European translational research initiatives. TraIT and eTRIKS are based on the tranSMART platform. The result will be one global informatics-based analysis and pre-competitive data-sharing platform for clinical and translational research.