Report on the CSCS Expert Community Kick-off Meeting

The proposal for the CSCS Expert Community originated from the Pistoia Alliance CSCS Project, which ran from November 2012 – April 2014. The CSCS Project completed successfully with the delivery of two commercially available Controlled Substance Compliance Services by ChemAxon/Patcore (Compliance-checker) and Scitegrity (CS Squared). The Controlled Substances Compliance Services (CSCS) Expert Community Kick-off meeting was held on the 25th of June 2014. The purpose of the meeting was to recruit members and define the CSCS Expert Community goals.  We had an excellent turnout with over 23 attendees, from a range of pharma and technology companies.

While the CSCS project team were confident in the interpretation of the bulk of the legislation and the implementation of the chemoinformatics and the technology by the CSCS vendors.  The project team felt there were still some key areas of the legislation, which were ambiguous and needed further interpretation.  The CSCS Project team found value in bringing together experts from across the world to identify and review this sometimes ambiguous and often difficult-to-interpret legislation.


During the kick-off meeting the attendees discussed the plan to create the CSCS Expert Community and the initial goals. The Expert Community has funding for 1 year, in that time it must demonstrate it is sustainable and will deliver tangible benefits to the membership.

The attendees were then asked to formally sign-up to the CSCS Expert Community by email.

For more detail about the kick-off meeting, follow this link to the slides.

The next meeting is planned for the 30th of July, if you wish to attend please contact Anne Dunlop.

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