The RSC evening event 2015: What keeps you #UpAtNight?

At our annual RSC evening event (#PistoiaRSC, registration:, to be held on February 11th 2015 from 6-10pm at the Royal Society of Chemistry in London, UK, we want to shine a spotlight on our extensive community of Contributing Members. We want to ask: What keeps you up at night?

Our members and friends are a diverse collection of pharma companies, technology vendors, life science businesses, publishers, small and medium sized businesses, academics, consultants, and interested individuals. With such a large group it can be hard to make everyone’s voice heard. With the introduction of IP3, our platform for gathering ideas and tracking their progress as they turn into Pistoia Alliance projects, it has become easier for all of our members to have their say. In the run-up to our RSC event we want to make it even easier.

We are encouraging all our friends and members to join our @pistoiaalliance Twitter campaign #PistoiaRSC #UpAtNight. Tell us what your problems are that you feel the Pistoia Alliance might be able to address; they could be technical challenges, strategic questions, informatics hurdles, or something else. If you don’t use Twitter, email us instead:

We’ll use IP3 to collate the responses for a special debate at our RSC event. Everyone who submits an idea is encouraged to attend the event, even if they are not a Pistoia Alliance member, and during the debate we’ll run a live vote among the audience to pick their favourite ideas. The people behind the most popular suggestions will have the chance to pitch to the audience and convince them to set up a Pistoia-funded project to address their needs.

We really hope you’ll join in the conversation and tell us what keeps you #UpAtNight, and we look forward to meeting you all in person at the RSC. Keep track of the event using our app:

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