SiLA Continues Involvement in Ontologies Mapping Project Community of Interest

With a common interest in improving data integration, information mining and knowledge management, the Standardization in Laboratory Automation (SiLA) Consortium joined the Pistoia Alliance’s Ontologies Mapping Project Community of Interest. Since joining, SiLA has observed the team’s creation of guidelines, tools and services for the ontology domains selected and was pleased to see funding of the project’s second phase.

The SiLA data standard effort and SiLA’s partnership with ASTM’s AnIML subcommittee currently focus on analytical and biological instrument data, two domain areas which as yet are not included within Pistoia Alliances Ontologies Mapping charter. The Consortium has recently submitted an idea into the Pistoia Alliance Interactive Project Portfolio Platform (IP3) outlining an expansion of the existing project, to cover these additional data domains.

SiLA looks forward to continuing its relationship with the Pistoia Alliance and collaborating on existing and future projects and opportunities.

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