Spring 2015 Conference Summary


Bio-IT World have published a summary of the Pistoia Alliance Annual European Conference held in Zurich, Switzerland, earlier this month.

Early arrivals at the Pistoia Alliance Annual European Conference, held this year on April 14th at the offices of Hewlett Packard in Zurich, Switzerland, were able to enjoy the local festival of Sächsilüüte whereby a snowman (the Böögg, literally translated as the bogeyman) is packed with fireworks and placed atop a lit bonfire. The less time it takes for its head to explode, the better the summer will be.

Although not usually so spectacularly explosive, the life sciences industry is certainly feeling the heat at present as technology develops rapidly and commercial pressures increase. The goal is to avoid a similar fate to that of the unfortunate Böögg.

To read the full article, please follow this link.

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