Startup Challenge Entry Summary 2015

startup-242At the closing date of 13th September, 24 valid entries had been received for the Pistoia Alliance President’s Startup Challenge 2015. Judging of the first round is complete and all participants will soon be receiving detailed written feedback from each judge that read their proposal. Up to five finalists will be announced at our conference in Philadelphia on October 13th.

The contest attracted a number of high quality entries that addressed a hugely diverse set of topics in life sciences innovation, some clearly related to the Pistoia Alliance’s mission and vision, others less so – but all were very welcome. All entries had to provide a public paragraph that summed up their entry in just a few words. We thought it would be interesting to use these as the basis of a blog article that might inspire others to enter the contest when it returns in 2016.

Frequent terms found in the entries.

A wordle of the most frequently occuring words in the entries received.

Rather than copy the summary paragraphs verbatim, we have summarized the summaries (a meta-summary?) into a simple list. The order of this list is completely random and bears no relation to the ranking or relevance of each entry as assessed by the judges.

  • Cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for analytical and biological data, available on a pay-as-you-go model
  • Novel therapeutic delivery mechanisms to treat inflammation and cell death following TBI
  • Shared centers for chemical compound storage, management, and distribution
  • Small satellites with microfluidics systems for life science research in space
  • Online platform for integration and mining of heterogeneous datasets
  • Smarter energy solutions for West Africa
  • Autonomous mosquito location and elimination system
  • Web-based platform to gather electronic signatures for clinical trial consent
  • Accelerate early research and development in addiction therapies by bringing together top researchers and collaborators in the field
  • Personalised risk assessments based on the medical records of an entire family
  • Micro-robotics for continuous dredging and maintenance of waterways
  • A software tool to allow life science researchers to create bioinformatics tools visually with no coding
  • A low-cost electronic health record management system with integrated patient communications
  • Highly efficient processing and serving of various types of biological and medical images
  • Self-contained small-scale fishery solutions
  • A platform for sourcing clinically annotated tissue specimens
  • A novel artificial pancreas
  • Video identification and online medical record storage for pets
  • Access and use genetic sequence data without exposing underlying IP or associated personal information
  • Genomic medicine for sport horses
  • Water filtration technology
  • Integration of commercial and open source applications and data through a social-media style collaboration interface
  • An online platform for collaborating on, developing, sharing and selling data-driven analytics
  • A compilation of physical chemical compounds to cover the entire spectrum of bioactive chemical structures

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all entrants for putting in the time and effort to enter the contest, and we are very much looking forward to revealing the finalists in Philadelphia!

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