Startup Challenge Experiences: Novaseek Research

When you set out to invent the future, as Novaseek Research is doing in our slice of the life science industry, we are forced to routinely ask: What must we be doing differently today to create this particular future?

In our case, the future we are creating is one where biomedical researchers can seamlessly access the vast wealth of clinical data and biosamples residing in hospitals to power their discovery and product development – and with utmost respect to patient consent and privacy. 

Translating our vision into a product was no small feat. Developing Novaseek Clinical Data Network for Research (CDNR) platform required the feedback and cooperation from experts within our target market – hospitals, and discovery and translational research groups in industry and academia.

Collaborating with Pistoia through the President’s Startup Challenge gave us a chance to think through in a very structured way about the next step of development of our platform, resulting in addition of the tissue collection module to CDNR; and to get feedback from Pistoia members, both the judging panel and more importantly, through assigning an excellent industry mentor.

It is safe to say that with the assistance from Pistoia, and the many other friends and stakeholders we have picked up on our journey, Novaseek is moving closer to the future that will benefit the hospitals, life sciences and pharma R&D industry, and most importantly, the patients.

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