Top ten tips for life science startups

Claus Stie Kallesoe, CEO of grit systems A/S, and Sanskriti Thakur, a serial entrepreneur based in New York, joined the chair Nick Lynch of the Pistoia Alliance for an hour-long discussion and audience Q&A. The conversation was wide-ranging and touched on almost every aspect of setting up and running a life sciences startup, and there were a number of interesting questions raised by the audience at the end. There were so many useful points made that extracting any kind of ‘top ten’ was tricky, but we have given it a go for the benefit of our time-strapped readers.

Pistoia Alliance Launches Startup Challenge

A newly launched business plan contest will ask startup companies from around the world to develop new ideas to lower the barriers to innovation in life sciences R&D. The Pistoia Alliance President’s Startup Challenge 2015 will see small and medium enterprises compete for up to two cash prizes of US$15,000 and a period of expert mentorship from a senior industry figure drawn from the Pistoia Alliance membership.

Why is the Pistoia Alliance running a Startup Challenge?

The startup community is an excellent indicator of future trends. Small businesses and their investors are a bellwether for the needs of industry, as their investment decisions are life-or-death for their companies and they must be sure that they are putting their efforts into the markets, products and services which are most likely to make a decent return.