Presentations from our 2017 US Conference now available

Nearly 200 participants attended our 2017 Annual USA Conference, a record attendance which helped provide us with a great platform for discussing and debating the most pertinent issues shaping Life Science R&D.

We are particularly grateful to our eminent faculty who took time to present, contribute to our panel discussion and facilitate our breakout sessions.

Presentations from these sessions can be accessed below. We will be updating this page regularly with outstanding presentations as and when we receive them.
We are delighted to share the presentations from our key note speakers and thank them for their time and the valuable insight the brought to our conference.

  • Kevin Dean, Lead Advisor, Smart Health Sciences
  • Michael Shanler, Research VP, Gartner
  • Randy Kray, Director, Science & Technology Practice, HOK

More slide-sets will appear as they are made available to us.

The currently available slide-sets are below:
Links to the Slides:
Blockchain Breakout
IOWT Breakout

Kevin Dean: Personal Health Data – Friend or Foe? (The changing relationship people and institutions will have with their real world data)

Download the PDF file .  

Michael Shanler: Raise Your Potential for Digital Lab of the Future:

Download the PDF file .  

Randy Kray: Laboratory for the Future:

Download the PDF file .  

Blockchain breakout.

Breakout responses to questions:

Internet of Wearable Things Breakout Slides:

Download the PDF file .  

Download the PDF file .  

Download the PDF file .  

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