UX takeoff!

The Pistoia Alliance project on the User-Centered Design of Scientific Software has officially kicked-off with over 30 project team members. Following the completion of an invigorating workshop in September 2016, funding was secured from 8 member companies to initiate the project. This exciting initiative will forge a community of practitioners to build a User Experience (UX)/User-Centered Design (UCD) toolkit to facilitate the adoption of UX in the development of scientific software. The UX toolkit will facilitate improved delivery of UX design work by UX practitioners, and also allow non-UX practitioners access to self-help instructions and templates based on best practices of UX design. The novel value add of this toolkit will be its focus on applying better UX design specifically for digital products for use in healthcare and life science R&D environments.

The project work has only just started and so now would be a very good time for any Pistoia Alliance members not yet involved to get involved!  Please contact the Project Manager, Paula de Matos (paula.dematos@pistoiaalliance.org).

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