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What does AI really mean for Big Pharma?
Leading pharma giants—including Johnson & Johnson and Merck—are looking at investments in the AI sphere on the expectation that AI platforms are poised to reshape the pharma industry. AI is poised to become “the primary drug discovery tool by 2027,” according to AstraZeneca’s Global Head of Enterprise Architecture. Learn how artificial intelligence could herald a new era for drug development.

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As artificial intelligence is becoming a hot topic in labs, the 14 th Laboratory Informatics Summit will be addressing artificial intelligence further by Pfizer informatics expert Frank DePierro . Learn how artificial intelligence is poised to dramatically change pharma R&D for the better and figure out how AI can shrink research timeframes by finding valuable information amongst large repositories.

Topics include:

  • After Machine Learning: AI Applications In Lab Informatics
  • Creating The Big Data Foundation Needed For Machine Learning And Future AI

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14 th Laboratory Informatics Team
December 4-6, 2016 | Philadelphia, PA